horse and excretion

Singer Lee Sang-eun, who sang Damdadi at the Riverside Song Festival, had an interview while Damdadi was being talked about for a while. There, Lee Sang-eun expressed her song as 'excretion'. I thought of excretion to mean having no purpose to influence others.

Words seem to be mainly for the purpose of conveying a message. Therefore, an undelivered message would be meaningless as it would not serve its original purpose. I spoke for the purpose of communication, but if the doctor did not communicate it, it may not be a word, but just excretion. It's like talking to yourself or complaining. If it had been delivered, the result would have been in action, not feedback in the words of understanding.

If you are defecating instead of talking, you shouldn't make noise anymore. It's not about the listener, it's about the speaker!


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