How to turn the pinwheel when there is no wind?

Ye Byeong-il's economic note dated May 2005, 5 is 'Opportunities always come with the face of crisis', and there is a wonderful saying here.

It is said that opportunities always come with the face of crisis. For me, the appointment of the first branch manager was both a crisis and an opportunity. If it had not been for the branch manager then, Mirae Asset would not have what it is today.

Jun Ji-hoon of the central branch said, 'The way to turn the pinwheel when the wind is not blowing is to run forward'. The way to not give in when faced with difficulties is to move toward the future, just like you have to move forward to turn a pinwheel when the wind is not blowing.
After holding the resignation letter in our hearts for six months, my employees and I became pinwheels and ran forward, finally enjoying the honor of being the number one store.

From Park Hyeon-ju's 'Money is a Beautiful Flower' (Kim Young-sa, 84p)

I want to turn the pinwheel. But the wind is not blowing. So what do you do? We can usually blow, pick up and move around, climb a hill where the wind blows, or run with a pinwheel.

It can be said that our managers and employees do not know the importance of brands in their work life and do not properly realize customer values. But if you just talk about it and do nothing, it's just complaining and it doesn't help.

It is better to find well-prepared managers and organizations and move jobs, like climbing up a windy hill. Or, as if running with a pinwheel, you should actively inform the management and employees of the importance of it, and make and show the case.

well pointed out the problem The question that completes the insight, “So what?” As in, if it doesn't say so what, it doesn't produce results, or it doesn't move others, pointing out a problem is of no use in a company. This is because it is difficult to recognize and find a problem, but it is also very difficult to make it a result in a complex corporate ecosystem. Pointing out a problem can be useless and just a complaint made by losers, depending on how you do it, or it can be the beginning of a solution to the problem.

If you believe it, you should make it possible.

Except, of course, that people are having a picnic and eating beef on the grass, and bulldozing them.


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