Mac OS X Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Mac OS X Write down a few things that I need to remember, either I use often, or don't use occasionally.


  • Close window: command + w
  • Exit Windows: command + q
  • Hide all windows: cmd + option + H However, the currently used window is not hidden, similar to the Windows desktop view function

Logout, Sleep, Task Pane

  • Logout: shift + command + q
  • Logout immediately: Shift+Option Command+q
  • Restart: Command+Control+Eject
  • When to sleep: Command + Option + Eject (Sleep right away!)
  • Show the force quit application window (similar to the task window view that appears by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows): Command + Option + Esc


  • Edit file name: Enter
  • Execute file or open folder: command + down arrow (corresponding to Windows enter)
  • Go to parent folder: command + up arrow
  • Open a subfolder as is: command + right arrow
  • Close subfolders as they are: command + left arrow

when editing

  • fn + delete : Deletes the character at the back centering on the cursor (corresponds to the Windows Delete key function, the Mac Delete key corresponds to the Windows Back Space key) , DoubleCommand to press the small enter key on the MacBook to the Windows delete key function replaceable


  • To reduce/enlarge the screen: hold down Ctrl and use the wheel mouse, or Command + Opt + “+” or “-“

on boot

  • Clear PRAM: Command + Opt + P + R (release after hearing the ding sound twice)
  • Safe Boot: Ctrl+S (at boot)
  • Booting from CD: C (on boot)
  • Booting from external hard drive: Command + Opt + Shift + Delete


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