Speed ​​up Apple Mail, SpeedMail

If the capacity of the mailbox of Apple Mail (Mail.app) increases, you may experience a slight delay in opening the mail.

In particular, when using IMAP, the server and the mailboxes in the computer are compared with each other. The larger the mailbox, the slower it is.

Freeware to speed up Apple Mail SpeedMail There is this.

Download SpeedMail So, if you move it to the application and run it, a dialog will appear as shown in the figure and just click [Yes!].



Then, when you run Apple Mail again, you can feel the mail list in the mailbox popping up much faster than before.

The principle seems to be re-indexing the Apple Mail database.

Comments on MacUpdateI looked at sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum; It is said to have the same effect as issuing an order.


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