MacBook Air vs. X300 Ad

How Steve Jobs Introduced New Products I thought that by taking the MacBook Air out of the envelope, it showed the thin and light characteristics well.


Here's the ad for the MacBook:

However, compared to the thin and light features of the MacBook, Lenovo ThinkPad X300 There is a video like a comparative advertisement of


The MacBook is thin and light, but it is not an all-in-one, so you need an external DVD and USB cable to use it.


So if you put it all in a postal envelope, it will be torn.




The X300 is said to have everything.



I'm not sure how many external DVD readers you will need or how many USB hubs you will need.

It's refreshing to see the MacBook coming out of the envelope, but it doesn't seem like it's rare to get an X300 that isn't that thick. However, no matter how thin it is, if you need this and that, it is interesting to say that the all-in-one of the X1.4 is moderately (?) thin and light (300 kg) in the end.


thin and light vs. moderately thin and light

No peripherals vs. all-in-one




(ThinkPad X300)



Portege 1999ct I bought in 3110 seems thicker than

When I carry a sub-laptop, I sometimes need a USB hub because of the lack of USB.

These days, when I go to conferences, they don't give me paper collections, but CDs or DVDs. Sub-notebooks usually do not have a built-in DVD reader, but even if such an insufficient situation was made into an advertisement, I think it would be a good way to highlight the characteristics of an all-in-one sub-notebook.


this time CHI 2008 For the first time, it's not a sub-notebook, it's terribly heavy, but it's an all-in-one. macbook I took the pro, and it can read DVD's.


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