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As the size and resolution of monitors increase, more and more people are using wide screens, Discussing monitor size and productivitymay become Widgets on the desktop (corresponding to the desktop of Windows) are more useful the wider the monitor. A representative of widgets Yahoo! widgetThere are many convenient features in

In Windows, widgets are run on the desktop, whereas in Mac, widgets cannot be seen on the desktop and can only be viewed by entering the dashboard. There are widgets that it would be nice to be able to take out to the desktop for things that you need to see frequently without going into the dashboard, so I looked for a way.


1. Run the terminal defaults write devmode YES    를 입력하고 엔터를 친다

2. Log out (shift + comment (apple key) + Q) and log in again

3. Launch the dashboard through keyboard hotkeys. The usual hotkey is F12.

4. Click-and-drag the widget from the dashboard to the desktop, then hold down the button.

5. Close the dashboard with the hotkey and release the mouse on the desktop to make the widget visible on the desktop.


At this point, the widget is on top of the others. I couldn't find a way to go under another window.

Conversely, to put a widget taken out of the desktop into the dashboard, click and drag the widget with the mouse a little, hold down the button, open the dashboard with the hotkey, drag it to the desired position, and release the mouse button.


DashIt Another way is to use the Iran widget.


  1. Download and add the widget to your dashboard, click Dash-it to turn it on (green)
  2. While clicking on the widget you want to bring to the desktop, press the dashboard hotkey and release the button. It will then appear on your desktop.


Conversely, if you want to put a widget on the desktop into the dashboard, press the dashboard hotkey while clicking the widget and release the button on the dashboard, then it will be moved to the dashboard.


In my case, I put the weather in the Dock, but the analog clock Dock didn't find anything useful. So I pulled out the analog clock widget to the desktop. As for the clock, there is a clock on the top menu bar, but it seems that an analog clock is better than a digital clock to determine the position of the time.


In the case of a person with a wide monitor, it would be good to put the widget out on one side. In fact, if you go out to field research on various services, you can see people with large monitors and high resolution who use various types of widgets well.


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