Shake off the temptation of movies and mids

On weekends, I lived my life watching movies and American dramas. Books and papers were only seen on weekdays, and weekends were spent with movies and TV shows. I like first person gamebattlefieldcan't play because of the kids, and SimCity has stopped playing because it doesn't have good numbers anymore. above (wii) The second is very addictive, so I can't turn it on at all these days.

Then some time ago Reading Travel vs. Mid Travel While writing this article, I decided to cut off movies and TV shows. After all, Season 24 of 7 Hour will come out in January of next year, so until then.

Instead, I decided to read the book. After reading the book, I thought about what to do, but I thought that I was just reading interesting books as if I was watching a movie because it was interesting.

There are movies that are interesting, but I also think that the time is wasted compared to the contents of the books and papers I have chosen. Still, I can't shake the desire to see the movie.

I haven't read a lot of books, but reading books instead of movies makes it more interesting and feels like a habit. It's not the dichotomy that the movie is bad and the book is good. Employee self-development innovation It's not even on the side. I think there are a lot of interesting stories in the book right now. Was the book's competitor a movie or a TV show?


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