WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

May 3 WordPress 2.5 released It became. CHI 2008 business trip So I postponed the upgrade and did the upgrade today. Here's my WordPress upgrade process:

1. Connect via telent and back up your WordPress folder.

cp -R wp wp_backup

2. Go to the WordPress admin screen and back up the database.

WordPress Database Backup You can do this easily by installing a plugin

3. Download WordPress 2.5 Program do

4. Upload WordPress files to FTP.

The plugins and theme folders are not touched, only other files are uploaded. At this time, when uploading from Mac, the plug-in and theme folders are not touched and uploaded by file. Copying a folder on a Mac It overwrites the files in the existing folder rather than union them. Not just file copying, but FTP programs as well.

5. Open ~/wp-admin/upgrade.php with a browser to proceed with the upgrade.

In 2.5, the database is also upgraded. The upgrade is finished with two clicks.

6. Check if the plug-in is not working.

Go to the blog and see if it works. The plugins I'm using worked without any problems in WordPress 2.5! The plugins I am currently using are:

  1. Breadcrumb Navigation
  2. CountPosts
  3. Download Manager
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google XML Sitemaps
  6. Gravatar
  7. randomimage
  8. Random Posts
  9. Recent Comments
  10. Recent Posts
  11. Spam Karma 2
  12. StatTraq
  13. TP-Guestbook
  14. WordPress Database Backup
  15. WP-PageNavi
  16. WP 2.3 Related Posts
  17. WP AJAX Edit Comments

7. Modify the admin source so that you can see the number of views of each post in the Manage Posts list.

With 2.3, the method changed, and with 2.5, it changed again. Even if you make it as a plugin, it changes every time WordPress is upgraded like this, so you have to change it while looking at the source every time. Just add the red sauce.  CountPosts Must have plugin

1. /wp-admin/includes/template.php

Two places: function wp_manage_posts_columns() and function wp_manage_pages_columns()

$posts_columns['title'] = __('Title');
$posts_columns['hits'] = __('Hits');
$posts_columns['author'] = __('Author');

2. /wp-admin/edit-post-rows.php

case 'hits':
post_hits; ?>


case 'categories':


8. Make your blog images appear in your RSS feed.

It would be nice to be able to specify the image, link, and description to be displayed in RSS in WordPress.


<?php bloginfo_rss('name'); ?>


<?php bloginfo_rss('name'); ?>

Once the upgrade is done! Now I have to go to the mountains.


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