Commonalities of working people who are getting better at their jobs

There are people whose working skills increase over time, and there are people who do not change much or rather decrease.  학벌과는 it doesn't seem to matter. It seems to me that people who are getting better at their jobs have this in common.

  1. I have to shut up to realize and regretI never do that
  2. run the shame
  3. don't repeat the same mistake
  4.  failure is my asset
  5. Other people's failures are also my assets. 
  6. learn new things
  7. Always looking for ways to do better at work.
  8. Find specific ways to achieve a given goal for yourself
  9. Plan, implement and reflect
  10. make things yourself
  11. A job is a place to make moneynot this  work with passion
  12. without blaming the conditions of the job, Do your best in the present


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