Florence Convention Center where CHI 2008 will be held

as foretold CHI 2008 held in Florence, Italycame to

On the first day of the conference on April 4th, I made a reservation for a hotel close to the conference location, but I did not know the exact conference location.  Homepage of the Florence Convention CenterI looked at , but there is no map, it says it is a few steps from the station, and there is only a strange prison-like picture.

We had breakfast at 8 am and left the hotel. First, I walked along a path that many people walked. After walking for a while, I saw people carrying cloth bags that were given when registering for CHI. I'm not the type to follow the trend, but again, if I don't have an idea, I have to follow it, and the result is my responsibility. Anyway, it's a success.

I saw something like an old castle or an old building, but just in case, everyone went in there.


Even as I walked in, I wasn't sure if this was a convention center.


It seemed unreasonable from the beginning to expect a modern building in Florence as a convention center. It seems like it has some luck.


Before I went to register, I registered online in advance and presented the receipt I received.
I was given a cloth bag, a CD, a nameplate, and a few brochures. Behind the nameplate, there is an ID and password to access the wireless internet. As always, in most cases, student volunteers exchange registration certificates and singers. This year, student volunteer activities and staff clothes seem to be the yellow-green T-shirts you see in the photos.


Lots of people.

The building is very special. wide sideways


There are yellow-green trees here and there. I was strangely looking at this tree nuno's blog I remembered the picture and took a picture. The painting is a painting that does not know whether someone is leaning against the tree or is holding on to the tree from falling. I went to nuno's blog and checked it out, and there are hardly any leaves in the picture. I don't know if this is what I thought.

It seems that the photos are not uploading quickly on Flickr because the hotel, event hall, or internet is slow. Still want to see more pictures chi2008 tag on flickrsee

my map


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