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When I first created and operated the Korean HCI Society, people were very curious about HCI-related studies, seminars, career paths, and companies. Now, there are sometimes paid conferences run by companies, special lectures by authors, and there are many graduate schools, but compared to other countries, there are very few opportunities to learn.

Fortunately, the Korean HCI Society holds seminars every month, and sometimes there are special lectures by authors, conferences, and conferences, but it seems that it is not well known.

I think it would be good to blog about events such as special lectures, seminars, conferences, and conferences that the general public can participate in and provide information to those who are doing it.

If there are special lectures, seminars, conferences, and conferences that people interested in HCI would like to hear, it would be good to blog with the tag upcomminghci.

If you have seminars on topics such as HCI, User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design, etc., please send more trackbacks to this article.

I'll have to record conferences in other countries as well, in case there are people who can go abroad if they get the chance.


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