To Florence to attend CHI 2008

CHI 2008 was held in Florence, Italy. open Florence was somewhere, but it was 'Florence'. This is the first time I've heard that Florence is called Florence in English.




Although the CHI conference is an academic conference, the HCI field has so many applications that it is very beneficial for practitioners.
Last year, I invited a marketing executive to go with me, and his feedback was as follows.

“It’s difficult. But I think the business managers must come here.”

HCI is not "HCI is a field that makes things like Microsoft Word easy to use" as some professor explains.
There's a story like this.

It is said that a certain person came to a professor and suggested that we do a project together while designing the design. The professor said so. “How many people are on the team? Don't do a project, use that money to kill all your employees SIGCHISIGGRAPH send to”

I give to people who make products or services every February in Phoenix Park. HCI Conferencerecommend If you can afford to send them abroad, I recommend sending them to SIGCHI and UPA. CHI can drive education that would require traveling around the world to listen to while looking for it. You can learn something new from these papers, but  For practitioners, tutorials, workshops, and panel discussions are especially useful.. I don't think there is any better education than this as an educational program for practitioners who make products other than on-the-ground experience. If you go there, you will see people walking around who have only seen names or photos in books and papers!

The thesis was submitted only once and then rejected. However, this time, it is said that the research that I participated in will be announced, although it is not mine.

The company conducts global cross-cultural research with the same framework almost every year. Originally, it was not a cross-cultural comparison, but the results were done by country, so a cross-cultural comparison emerged. Last year, I did shadowing up to 8 hours. I gave a project to three team members to train field research and learn the methodology for elito. While doing research on this cross-culture, I felt it was a bit disappointing to use the results only to reflect it on the product, so I told the head office researcher that cross-culture is highly likely to be adopted in CHI, so I told him to try it out in English. So I don't know if I wrote it, but I'm making a presentation.

The title is “If You Build It, They Will Come… If They Can: Pitfalls of Releasing the Same Product Globally"

The author only writes American Ags. There are no names of researchers in each country. don't say no

As I was packing my bags for a business trip, I took a notebook with me. I take a new notebook with me every time I go to a big conference, but looking at the notebook I took in 2006, I can't read what I wrote. Even though it's my handwriting, I can't recognize it! by the way Blogging about CHI 2006seems to be left to do.

There are many places in Europe that do not have internet, so I don't know if I can blog because it's slow.

There are a lot of pickpockets in Italy, so I'm telling you to be careful.

my map


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