Integrated Messenger for Mac Adium 1.2.4

Today, one of the staff sent me a file via messenger. uh! Yahoo! Are the files coming from messenger?

Actually, I'm an integrated messenger for Mac. Adium I use Yahoo! File transfer from messenger was not successful.

Come to think of it, a few days ago, Adium was updated, so I updated it, but I guess it's because it's a new version. So I looked for it.




as of March 3 integrated messenger for macAdium was upgraded to 1.2.4, and it was upgraded from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4, so it is a small upgrade. But among those small enhancements, the Yahoo! File transfers in messenger were included.

Yahoo! File transfer with messenger is said to be faster, but the transfer itself did not go well, but this seems to have worked.


Adium 1.2.4

We released Adium 1.2.4 today. This is a minor release including improvements to several IM services (AIM direct connect, Yahoo! file transfer, Google Talk buddy icons, ICQ status notes, and MSN contact visibility), as well as crash fixes, visual improvements, and the long-requested ability to make the contact list completely transparent. The full change list is, as always, available on our support wiki.


What I need more of in adium is find and video chat in the contact list.  development roadmapThe timing is not given, but the contact search is expected to come out in 1.3, and video chat seems to come out in 2.0.

It's a small upgrade, but for me it's a big pleasure.




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