Recommended books to understand the user-centered product development process

Among the books that can be helpful in understanding product development (planning, design), I will introduce only a few books mainly translated into Korean.

fun innovation

<fun innovation> (Art of Innovation), IDEO's Design Processis user research and design, user research is  Observation Techniques of Cultural AnthropologistsAnd design is brainstalking, about different techniques or tools. technology box, office and culture that stimulates creativity, and development of working prototypes.


fun innovation


It is not an aspect that ordinary people who do not come from Stanford Department of Industrial Design can do it with training. Maybe it's because they are. Instead, you see the importance of observation, how you brainstorm, your efforts to keep your organization fresh, and real prototyping.

Just as celebrities in CF can win the admiration of advertisers by showing that they actually use the product, it also shows that they design other people's products as an agency but actually use the products they are involved in.

It is almost as good as an IDEO promotional booklet.  designnot this product design You can see the process from the side.


Design out of a mental hospital

<Design that jumped out of a mental hospital>, Alan Cooper (The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The San)

No matter how I think about it, the title of the book in Korean seems to be just as good. It means that tech-oriented engineers make the products they want to make, and that is why psychopaths are running mental hospitals.

A design that jumped out of the mentally ill


Internet companies todayUnlike software engineers, what are the characteristics of an engineer in terms of software planning, strategy, design, development, and operation? office 2007You can understand how to design software products such as And what happens if the UI is made incorrectly, and shows such cases in terms of actual development. Some say that if you make a prototype and show it, you know that it will be finished soon, so you sign a contract, and the finished product doesn't come out after several years.

Although IDEO's Bill first coined the term 'interaction design' in the early 80's, it is in terms of industrial design, and 'interaction designer' rather than 'user interface designer' in terms of designing software is Alan Cooper in this book. first claimed.

This book is famous for being the first to introduce persona in terms of goal-directed design. Nowadays, there are various practical approaches to persona, so it is sometimes called Alan Cooper's persona. persona Perosona on the Korean WikiI thought it would be better to use the persona as the Western people pronounce it, but I changed it and then returned to the persona again. I didn't know how to use the discussion function, so I just gave up.

These two books will help you understand user-centered product development.



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