'Ownership' of videos posted to YouTube

In the year of production, my mother-in-law came to Seoul and went to Seoul Land, and I put background music on photos of my family taken at Seoul Land at that time and made a video, and uploaded it to YouTube for other family members to see. The registration date is September 2006, 9.

I got an email from YouTube today.

From: no_reply@youtube.com
Title: A YouTube partner has claimed copyright infringement on one of your videos.
Date: July 2008, 7 4:08:21 AM

Youtube members,

UMG claims ownership of some or all audio content on your video seoul land. This claim was made through the YouTube Content Verifier.

The video is still running because UMG has approved the content for use on YouTube. Because UMG owns the video, it gives you statistics about the video, including views. People who come to watch your video may also see ads on your video page.

Information about claims:

Copyright owner: UMG
Copyrighted Content: Part or All of Audio Content
Policy: Continue to allow YouTube to use this content.

Put ads on your video watch page.

Apply to:
all countries
UMG has requested copyright protection for this content through the YouTube Content Verifier. Partners can view YouTube video content they own through YouTube. Partners can use an automatic video/audio matching system to check content, or they can check video manually.

If you believe these issues have been raised incorrectly, or if you believe you have permission to use the content, you can file a ownership dispute with UMG and see other options for copyright issues in your YouTube account. YouTube does not mediate copyright disputes between YouTube's owners. Learn more about video verification disputes.

Thank you.
YouTube content verification team

The content of the e-mail read, 'A member named UMG claimed ownership, and UMG member approved my video to be used on YouTube. UMG means that members own ownership, so statistics on videos are provided to UMG, and advertisements can also be shown on the video page I uploaded.

I do not know if the member named UMG is Seoul Land or the person who handles the legal process (댓글As UMG claimed ownership of the 'audio content', it seems that the problem is the background music, not the photos) , Thank you for 'approving' so that it can be used on YouTube. If you want to have a dispute over ownership, you have to file an application. However, I fell in love with the word 'ownership'. I don't know the law, so I think it's best not to get involved when legal terms come up. Thanks for 'approving', but I'll just delete it.

There are many videos on the Internet that explain the process of using the product or its good points. In particular, recently, when I first received the product and opened the box, the so-called so-called 'unboxing' videoThere were others, but they really fell short.

It is a world where consumers are taking the place of corporate marketing activities. However, it is not legal to notify that consumers take this amount of 'ownership' for photos or videos made by consumers, but it's just scary because they don't know the law. So, it seems to be an easy way to not post on the Internet or delete what you posted so as not to get involved in such things.

More and more companies are inducing UGC/UCC (consumer-generated content) such as corporate blogs, blogs, videos, and photos, and consumers themselves are creating such content and voluntarily posting it on the Internet. But through this incident, I realized once again that there is a 'law' behind it. A company's legal team will be able to assert at any time whether it is ownership or copyright in a work created by a consumer.


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