Is a website software?

In 1999, the Korea HCI Research Society 'website engineering' I posted a column titled ', and I thought about it again when I moved it to the blog in 2005.

My thesis at the time was that the website was viewed as a medium, not software, and the website was messed up, so I decided to borrow a development methodology from software engineering in computer science to solve this. I was talking

Today, I had a lecture at the company about an agile methodology called Scrum. The French spoke in plain English, but I did not understand the mathematical formulas well.

As I listened to this lecture, I suddenly remembered what I had done in 1999. Is a website software because it is created with computer technology? Or is it new media? Or is it a new way of commerce?

Is the software developer responsible for website development (from planning to everything)? Or are you a web designer?

Why are software engineers doing art for planners with development methodologies like this? Is it because the owner of the product is a web designer?

So, how well do web designers know about software engineering or product development methodologies? Are there any qualifications for an Internet service planner?

Internet web site development is beyond the scope of software in computer science. Unless you're just making development work on a computer in a programming language. The reason is that there is no HCI, marketing, business model, or market logic in existing software engineering. Research, technology, and the process of getting ideas from the market, making concepts, and seeing marketability, and even content authoring and operation should be included. Software is algorithms and data, but computer users do not deal with data, only rules are different, so content authoring and operation must be included.
In Internet companies, it seems that the web designer becomes the product manager of the product and the project manager. Software engineers only manage projects within the technology implementation. When I had an interaction designer, the interaction designer managed the entire development schedule of product development. Interaction designers are natural because they create a product to give to whom and what its content is. However, this also means that the engineer will only deal with the implementation schedule to implement the specification set by the interaction designer.

I don't know if this is the current trend or if it's because of the Internet, but in website development, it seems that engineers do not create a website, but just implement the website with computer technology. So, in the category of project management they do, there is no user needs research, and it seems to deal only with changing the set requirements specification into a technical specification and implementing and testing it. How about making something like this? Is it not the role of software engineers to develop an Internet website by making a proposal and saying that you need this and that you will make it this way?

Is a website software?

Depending on what the website is viewed as, the owner of product development may be different. With software, a software engineer would have to be a product manager. If knowledge and experience in domains such as business, shopping, and news are more important, the person who specializes in such content will become the product owner.

But neither is good at both. Internet news product managers who are journalists are not experts in product strategy, marketing, product development methodology, technology, users, and UI. will be.

However, looking at the results, it seems that Internet companies give ownership of their products mainly to the nouns in charge of the business, not the company itself that makes them. A web site is software in terms of creating it, but business domain in terms of business. That is, Internet news, Internet shopping.

In the end, the conclusion is bucking-sword. There is not much in the world that you can do alone, so make it with experts.


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