How to remove the m4650 battery cover video

Dongseo, who commutes for about 2 hours by subway m4650 bought As soon as I received the mobile phone, I got a call and said, “How do I remove the battery cover? it was

When I first got it, the first question I was asked was, “How do I turn it on?”. I searched the internet and found that the m4650 turned on only when the button on the top was pressed on the road.

I found a way to remove the battery on the Internet, and the easiest way is to hold the phone with your left hand and slide the bottom of your right hand while pressing the battery cover.

How funny is that? Having to figure out a way to remove the battery cover! If the person who made it had used it at least once, I would have known. Or write it in the manual! Usually people don't read the user's manual, but strangely, it seems that when you buy a mobile phone, you always read the user's manual. Even better, you just know how to look and subtract.

For the sake of Dongseo, I showed a demonstration myself and made it into a video. A co-worker filmed it, and I cut it and uploaded it with iMovie.


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