Printing for binding with keynote

One of the team members has been giving a seminar on how to do marketing research. All of the files in PowerPoint were imported into keynote for binding.

Like PowerPoint, you can see slide thumbnails in Keynote, but the keynote is indented.



Each file for each subject is indented like indentation, and when the arrow is pressed, it is closed. cool. In the left slide bar, only the first chapters of each chapter can be viewed continuously.

And I don't know why, but there are some keynotes that didn't work when I printed with PowerPoint.

It's just double-sided printing.

Of course, the printer must support duplex printing. If you do duplex printing in PowerPoint, you have to go to the printer and put them back one by one, so this is not done from the beginning. However, when printing on both sides with a keynote, the printer prints on both sides while inserting and removing the paper by itself. Miraculous.



But there is a problem. I printed 2 slides per page, but I want to do two-sided printing. I wish the first page of each page started on the right, that is, on odd pages, but some pages start on the left.

How do I start the first page of each chapter on an odd numbered page?

I numbered it before. Slide 1 was page 1, and slide 5 was page 2. Then slide 9 would be page 3. That is, the slide numbers are 1,5,9,… It became pages 1,2,3 when printed on both sides.



So is it an arithmetic sequence where an+1=an+4?

But if the president's slide number is 92, will it be printed on odd pages? how do you calculate

If 5 = 4+1 and 9=4*2 +1, if a slide is divided by 4 and there is 1 left, it seems to be printed on odd pages.

Is an=4(n-1)+1? What do you call this? It's not an equal ratio, but it's just divided by 4 and there's 1 left, or something like that? Anyway, what I'm going to do is make sure that the number is 4(n-1)+1 and make it like that. Come to think of it, these are the methods I used when programming. It seems that mod() to get the rest was used with ships that looked like this.

Anyway, 92 is 23*4, so 1 is not enough. Then put a blank slide before slide 92 to make this chapter 93. oh oh



When I printed it, it came out fine. Each chapter would be better on one full page. I think it would be better to print the Pages separately and insert the slip sheet.

Uh, but I would like the page numbers to come out even if I print 2 slides per page, but I don't know how. PowerPoint is...


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