It is also important to weave

Hiring good employees is important, but it seems to be important too. In addition to documents, interviews, and referees, you can learn more about whether or not you are the talent you need after actually experiencing them. (Experimental research before product release is unavoidable, but it seems similar to needing to be supplemented by taking a long time to use it) I think we should make good use of the official opportunity to weave after hiring.

Probationary period after hiring

Usually, any company seems to have a probationary period. It's about three months to decide whether or not to send it out. If you read a book on project management, it seems that during this period, try to do the most similar thing the person did most recently. In my experience, it seems that attitude is more important than ability.

These three months are valuable time for managers. It's my chance to let go. However, it is true that it is difficult to make a decision to let the person who left the previous company even signed a contract. It's not enough to judge everyone in three months, so I think we'll have to wait a bit longer. But in the end, it seems that there are cases where you will regret it.

When to say goodbye

The next one is the time of giving a reward after one year. There seems to be something in the appraisal system, like the probationary period, that can be worked out if there is no result after 1 months. It seems that managers should make good use of the opportunity.

But it is difficult to slaughter people. It's not my company, it's the same salaried people who are arranging who! Even though management is so bad right now that it's not the time to fire people. Even if work performance or work attitude is unfavorable, it may be the head of a family, or it may be a person who has just come out of society. If I were to be fired, would this situation be acceptable?

However, in the world of work that is not an educational institution, and where people work for money, continuing friendships like that end up hurting each other. The management of these people requires many times more attention and effort than others. When there is an opportunity to weave, you should use it. However, for ordinary people, it seems that not many people actually take advantage of that opportunity.


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