What is Cultural Technology?

IDEO's Methodology The beginning of H in recent years as an observationCI uses the research method of cultural technologyTherefore, it is used to obtain new product ideas or to find problems experienced by actual users. It seems that not only HCI but also market research are interested in this method. At HCI field researchIt is also called a semi-cultural and technical research method.

Cultural and technical interview method The first chapter of the Iranian book has content that makes you know what cultural technology is.

http://image.aladdin.co.kr/cover/cover/8984452327_1.gifCultural technology is the art of describing culture. The core of this activity is aimed at understanding the different ways of life from the point of view of the locals. Fieldwork work refers to structured research from the standpoint of a person who learns to see, hear, speak, think, and act in different ways.

Rather, ethnography means learning from people rather than studying them.

Among those who have studied cultural technology, is there anyone who is interested in making a product or service that is useful, easy to use, and wants to use and can promote it?


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