The real meaning of 'the user is always right'

The user is always right. indeed How far will you trust your users?

The user is always right. The reason is that we are the object of communication and the people who use and purchase our products. When a company creates an Internet search site and users think of it as an Internet news site and use it as such, the site is technically an Internet news site, whether search or not.

This means that the user is always right, but it may not be the real answer. In other words, if the user says 1+1 equals 3, it is 3. But the real answer is 2

For example, let's say you want to know what and how to educate your children.

What and how do you educate children to parents who are users/consumers? , and the user is always right and this is the user's need, so why not provide what the consumer wants?

In this case, it cannot be said that the user's answer is really correct in terms of education. The answer would be well-researched contents that children should be educated in one way or another in terms of education. Consumers have the answer to the question of what to educate their children, but the answer to that question really lies with the education expert. The gap between practice and theory must be overcome through user research.

Come to think of it  The User Is Always Right: A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web There is also a book called Persona. It is thin and looks good while carrying it. When I open the book, the user tells me that it's not always right.

To a person doing user research, if a consumer says 1+1 is 3, it is 3. However, users need to know the real meaning of being always right and use it in their business activities.


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