Reading Travel vs. Mid Travel

on the agile blog reading tripsaw a story about It means going to a place like a pension to read a book for 2 days and 3 nights. All I need is reading The blogger who wrote the article also went on a reading trip like this.

I hadn't even thought of this. It's not a trip to play, rest, or to see nature, it's a reading trip!

What I thought at the most was that I wanted to go to a hotel or pension to watch an American drama.

It seems that the reading trip is not for the purpose of wasting time, but for study. It seems like the struggle of people who want to study.

In summer, I often go to Nami Island with my family. How about reading with your children instead of just playing? Or would you rather go to the playground on the weekend and pack up a book and go on a reading trip with your family? Will the children like it or hate it?


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