2017 My Mac Essentials

This time, the company's laptop was changed from MacBook Pro Retina (Early 2013) to MacBook Pro (Early 2015).

Although I waited for the new MacBook for over 3 years, the model with the touch bar was too expensive, but I decided to just use the previous model, considering the cables I had to buy again and the keyboard feel more than anything else. Instead, it could be done with 16 GB of memory and 512 GB of SSD.

When I moved to a new MacBook, I did a fresh install one by one.

Before switching to MacBook Retina (Early 2013) My Mac EssentialsI organized the things that were installed on the new MacBook (macOS Sierra) while changing the MacBook after 3 years.

It's been about 2007 years since I started using Mac in earnest in 11. As my purpose of use, usage habits, and environment change, the applications and settings I use seem to change little by little.

In addition to the information on Mac listed below, mac tagYou can see the article about Mac.



Schedule, contact data

– iCloud (Synchronize with iPhone, iPad, MacBook)



create a document

PowerPoint, Excel, Word

  •  Microsoft Office



  • MacDown: Free, Markdown
  • Mark: Free, slideshow with markdown



document management

  • Evernote: Free/Paid (how to buy cheap), these days, because of the small hard drive capacity of the MacBook, I give up apps such as Papers and DEVONThink Pro, and put papers or external reports in Evernote and use them to search and find them.


 image editing

  •  Adobe Photoshop CC: Paid, upgrade because CS6 does not work on macOS

image viewer

  • Xee 2.2: Free version, you can use it as a preview app built into Mac

screen capture

  • Skitch : Provided for free in Evernote, capture can be automatically saved to Evernote

Find color RGB values

  • ColorDrops: Free (paid when exporting values), RGB/HEX values ​​are displayed. Swift/Ojbc code is also available


safari extension


to-do management

to-do management

  •  Things: Paid (Synchronize with iPhone, iPad, MacBook)

task stop watch

Pomodoro Timer






touchpad, mouse



battery check

off-duty management

file sync

Windows computer remote access

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

task bar app

  •  iStatMenu 5: Paid, calendar appears when you press the date, world time, memory/HDD/CPU/Wifi status view, remaining battery time/charging time, etc.

Lock and open MacBook with iPhone/Apple Watch

macbook won't sleep

  • KeepingYouAwake: Free, like Caffine, the most popular thing you can do right away by clicking on the icon


Complete file deletion, photo rename, automatic cache clearing, automatic file tagging, automatic collection of screen capture files into folder, etc.

  •  Hazel : Paid, file deletion is a basic function, and rules are added for the rest.

use windows

Watch the video

listen to the radio


system management


  • Hotsport Shield




screen design, design



remote editing


app development tool



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