Can a blog sphere represent public opinion?

As the Internet becomes a part of life, the Internet plays an important role in communication as well. Among them, comments, other than personal communication tools, seem to have been the representative channels of expression of people's opinions. However, when interviewed on various fields, only a small number of people commented.

In addition to comments, blogs, which have spread like a boom since a few years ago, seem to have started to act as a window to express one's thoughts compared to personal homepages and homepages.

Companies also started marketing targeting bloggers,  Is the blogger meeting an expert meeting or a reporter (?) meeting?  It seems to be taking advantage of bloggers' glib and communicative power, as it is not clear.

Then, can the so-called blog sphere, which is talked about in the world of bloggers, really represent public opinion? I wonder

In conclusion, in my opinion, bloggers cannot represent public opinion in political opinion.

before the election Election related articles on the All Blogif you hear  Spiral Theory of Silence As revealed in the blog sphere, most of the articles supporting Moon Gook-hyun took up. However, the actual voting results were different.

The reason for this difference may be that the person who opens and writes a blog has a progressive (?) tendency, or is reluctant to publicly support a candidate who thinks it can save the economy due to ethical issues.

Quantitative measurement is necessary to capture quantitative rather than qualitative information. However, at least it seems to be difficult to approach the political opinion of the blog sphere only qualitatively and quantitatively.

Other than bloggers, I do not directly express opinions, but I read them, so the influence of bloggers cannot be ignored. It is as if the amount of opinions of journalists may be small in some respects, but the impact on the readers of the article is similar to that of a large one.

Although blogs cannot be used as quantitative aspects of political opinion, they can be qualitatively valuable information for finding certain motives or reasons.

Few countries use Internet surveys for political opinion polls in reports on how each country surveys public opinion. If so, how much can the content of blogs that voluntarily express their opinions or comments on political articles be accepted by public opinion?

In order to understand a phenomenon, it is important to understand the characteristics of the place where the phenomenon occurs. This is in line with the 'research, recipe is as important as cooking, but ingredients are also important', which I emphasize on a daily basis. In order to understand the contents and influence of the blog sphere as a space for voluntary opinions of individuals, it is necessary to understand the social phenomena within the blog sphere and the tendency of bloggers.


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