Product innovation and CEO leadership

What is the relationship between product innovation and CEO leadership?

Samsung Economic Research Institute'sProduct innovation and CEO leadership' (No. 661, 2008.07.02 Kang Woo-Ran Park Seong-Min) has related contents.

Researchers selected 50 domestic innovative products based on product innovation, revenue generation, credit rating and sales growth, etc. 14 interviewed.

The types of success factors for each case of product innovation were divided into six categories.

  1. Direct leadership of the CEO: multi-beam laser marking machine SY4024
  2. Direct leadership of the CEO + team competency: Amodipine, Finex, Automotive brake corner module
  3. Strong leadership of the team leader: coenzyme Q10 (VQ), chocolate phone
  4. Strong leadership of the team leader + team competency: Burj Dubai, EverRay LC
  5. Strong leadership of team leader + organizational system: Will, Kart Rider
  6. Team's strong capabilities: Bordeaux TV, heatsink CNPS9500LED, trunk gateway VP-10000, truss guard UTM

Looking at the success factors, it seems to have been categorized into three: the CEO, the team (team leader * teamwork), and the organizational system.

  1. Direct/indirect leadership of the CEO
  2. Team (team leader's leadership, teamwork)
  3. organizational system

For a brief overview of the contents of this report, the implications of this report are as follows.

  • Indirect leadership is more effective than direct leadership of the CEO
  • Various CEO roles emerge in product innovation at the industrial level
  • The longer and more complex the product innovation process, the more important the role of the development team.
  • When the project risk is high, the CEO's leading role is essential
  • CEOs need to focus on finding competent team leaders and building systems

In the case of running a business by making products or services and providing them to consumers, it is natural for the CEO to focus on innovation of their own products or services. It is natural that product innovation comes from the development team rather than the CEO, given the company's role. However, for innovative products or services, it is important not only how good the content of the innovation is, but also how much support and implementation can be obtained. Therefore, leadership can be an important factor.

Whether it is customer satisfaction management, customer-centered management, value management, or product innovation, the role of the CEO in charge of a company is of course important. The question is who are the managers?

It is not the employees who choose the CEO. Of course, like the Lee Myung-bak administration, the term guarantee Some say they are forced to leave the heads of national research institutes at will.. Instead, there is a way for employees to choose a CEO. If you don't like it, you can move. But it is difficult to make a living.

How can you get the leadership mentioned in the report from the management when it is difficult to change jobs? This is the problem!


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