that there is a curriculum

What is the meaning of the curriculum in which subject and in which field?

Just because you graduated from computer science doesn't mean you're good at programming. Even if you have a Level 1 Information Processing Engineer or MS or Java-related certifications, you cannot say that you are good at programming. Even if you have a master's or doctoral degree, you cannot say that you are good at research.

It seems that even if you have received some education or have a certificate, there are cases where it is different from your actual ability.

But suddenly, I thought about the 'educational process' itself.

If there is a curriculum, it means that we can educate on the content, which means that we are well aware of the qualifications for the intended purpose, and there is content that can train this.

suddenly came to mind What are the qualifications for hiring an Internet service planner? There may have been qualifications, but they are not explicit, and the content that can be trained does not seem very clear.

The same goes for research. There is no university education that produces researchers. So, in the case of a research agency, there are education received from the time of joining the company and education received during the day, and this is an education system that is actually needed by the company. Of course, if you go to graduate school, you have to do research basically, so a master's or doctorate is a researcher. Because domain content is different, research must also be trained according to the field or method.

So, what qualifications are required for user/consumer-oriented management in product planning, development, release, marketing, and management? So what should be educated?

'Curriculum' seems to have more meaning than the curriculum of a certain department, the required major and major selection, the liberal arts flute and selection, and the contents shown on the first day of class.


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