Others' failures are my assets

graduated from a prestigious university whether or not smart people in the worldthere is this Perhaps our education and the standards of smartness I see are different.

Someone who knows he must make a mistake, soI have to shut up to realize and regretthere is someone who Even after making a mistake or failure, there are people who do not know what to learn and repeat the same mistake three or more times.

On the other hand, there are people who learn from others' mistakes or failures as if they were their own, and there are people who do not make mistakes or failures at all.

When you no longer need to look at other people's examples, it's like seeing what others are doing and feeling that you're not learning. These people don't even need to read books and papers. You will find out if you try and fail, so you will fall behind. It's not even at school, but it's nice to have a boss at work who takes care of the same mistakes twice.

Failure can be a failure for some people and an asset for others. If you learn to avoid similar failures after failing, failure is not just a failure, it is an asset. If you learn from the mistakes and failures of others, you will learn more and faster.

In my experience, it had little to do with high education such as a master's or doctoral degree, or an academic background from a prestigious university such as Seoul National University or Yeongo University, or having a good brain.

Even though it seems like everyone knows what they hear, there don't seem to be many people who actually do it.


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