Clothing management in a restaurant in Chengdu, China

Went to eat at a restaurant in Chengdu. Like Sichuan, he ordered shabu-shabu with spicy soup and hung his clothes on a chair.

As I watched the reddish soup stop, I suddenly looked up and saw that the chairs were covered with purple covers. I wondered what it was.

But after a while, an employee came and put a cover on my chair and went. Ah, this was it...
I couldn't see it, so I got up and took a picture.

After eating, the waitress comes and takes the cover off.

How to keep clothes on a chair, I blogged a while ago. Clothing Care Ideas for Meat Shopsby yunaly commentYou reported that there is a place to hang clothes on a chair with a cover as shown in the photo below, but it seems more convenient than that.

(Picture source: yunaly's blog)

my map


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