Does our company have a business manual?

The company divides the processes and roles for the company's success.

Usually, the processes for expense handling and personnel handling are well-defined because it is an old field that is necessary for many people to work together when the company grows to a certain size, regardless of whether the company thrives or fails.

But how well defined are the fundamental behaviors that the company makes money on?

Management, marketing, product planning and development and details.

Our company hasn't been around for a while. Our company is old and well defined? Our company doesn't have a department responsible for making this?

Those who only lament that they don't and those who make them. This difference in attitude Why talented people don't do their job wellsame as

Shining 'legacy of 盧'... The Blue House work manual, etc. rave reviews, 2008.02.29, Segye Ilbo I saw an article called I don't know if it's a press release or if it's real, but it's surprising that it was dealt with as well in content in the world of civil servants, which seemed to be well-formed.

The new members of the Blue House have fallen into 'manual sammaekyeong' these days. in order to expedite the understanding of the work. The manual contains detailed information on what the Blue House does by job, from the relevant laws and regulations to the tips. For new secretaries and administrators, this is nothing more than a 'textbook'.

This manual is the 'legacy' of former President Roh who is 'opposite' to the current president in terms of work style and political orientation. Former President Roh, who was embarrassed at the beginning of his inauguration because the government of the people did not even leave a document form, ordered the creation of a manual during his tenure in office. It is known that the Blue House work manual is a vast amount of about 500 books.

Compared to the software maturity model (CMM), the work manual is only the second or third level. However, a company that does not even do this level will have to rely on the ability of a certain outstanding individual. Compared to the software maturity model, the first stage means that the company is dependent on individual capabilities.

And even if it rolls roughly according to employee turnover, it will be visible in the company's performance. For example, where is the target market in the product planning document? What is the probability that a product made by a company will succeed in the marketplace, which depends on personal experience as to how to answer the question? This is a plan that can be thrown away unconditionally if there is no success story or training experience.

What's more important is not the basic procedure, but how to do it better? So how do you make your company successful? am. This may be the 3rd or 4th level of CMM. If it is a company that has made explicit and proceduralized about these things, it may be a company that has already been successful in the market for 10 or 30 years. This is because it usually seems to be done after everything is done, rather than organized in the process. In my case, though, I value what I do in the process.

Employees are self-development innovationThe insider of one's role should be clearly stated and examples of these should be piled up. If you interview people who do well, you can see that they have their own philosophies and methods of working about the goals and content of the company as well as the relationship and content of my role.

great employees in great companiesEven if the company doesn't let me do it, tomorrow I'll manual it myself, then I'll find a way to do things better, find a way to break all these processes again, and find a way for our company to succeed I wonder if


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