Office 2008 not installing

When Office 2008 for Mac is installed in Leopard, an installation error message appears as shown in the figure and installation fails.




Error message when you try to install Office 2008 for Mac: “Install Failed” The reason and solution could be found in the article titled.

The reason was that the Korean language was set in MacOS 10.5.

The Macintosh computer is running MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard)
• The Languages ​​setting for the International System preference is set to one of the following languages:
• Traditional Chinese
• Simplified Chinese
• Korean
• Tibetan


The solution was simple. During the installation process, uncheck the Norwegian checkbox as shown in the figure.



1. Insert the Office 2008 for Mac installation DVD in the DVD drive.
2. On the desktop, open the Office 2008 icon.
3. Double-click the Office Installer icon.
4. Click Customize.
5. In the installation choices tree, expand Microsoft Office 2008.
6. Expand Proofing Tools.
7. Click to clear the Norwegian check box.
8. Click Install, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the installation.


This will install


It is said that you only need to do it in English during installation.


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