Reasons to go to Seoul National University

why you should studyI've written an article about a clear goal. In addition must feel the needIt was altitude. I am not familiar with pedagogy, but I felt it instinctively throughout my life.

There is a person who brutally told me why middle and high school students should study. Nam-ho Cho, who wrote a book called Studycode, Video on 'Why Study'saw in He's not sound enough to say he's talking about the Dark Forces (?).


Reasons to go to Seoul National University

Representative Cho also gives a bloody example of why he should study about his ultimate goal.

From the point of view of middle and high school students, the character they think is cool changes when they become adults, what will happen when they become adults, and why they become 'annoyed' when their poor children become parents and treat themselves as they are now. do. He talks about values ​​from a child's point of view and how they change as they become adults. It's not just that time goes by to become a middle school student, high school student, or an adult, but it's important to have a goal, no matter what you're going to do in life.

Reasons to go to Seoul National University, he argues that if you want to do what you want to do in our society's academic system, you have to go to Seoul National University. The example of his experience with academic discipline is very appropriate. Even if you can program well like Bill Gates, your resume doesn't even show up at the game company you want to go to because of your academic background. However, the qualification of Seoul National University's Department of Computer Science and Engineering was hired even though I didn't know anything about computers, and I went in and learned and made a lot of money. The cool friend who fought well in middle and high school and rode a motorcycle regrets not studying as an adult. That means he didn't even go to Seoul National University. Seriously, who can have a grade enough to go to Seoul National University if they put their mind to it?

It is said that he was a friend who used to ride a motorcycle. It is said that he decided to attend Seoul National University after hearing that his father failed his business, and while drinking, he was pushed by Seoul National University and Sky. So, it is said that he learned how to study with the power he was not in the back seat while following his friend who was ranked first.

아. HCI SocietyAmong the people I met at KAIST, it is said that a person who went to Yonsei University was finally rejected from a job at a large company this time. In the interview for 1 days 2 night, everyone except himself said that they were from Seoul National University. It seems that Korea is the country where this kind of thing is happening.



Why do companies choose Seoul National University graduates?

Joe's answer is as follows:

This is because of the cost-effectiveness of the company. Hiring people by evaluating their actual abilities takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, I do not have time, so I choose Seoul National University first. If I went to Seoul National University, I would not have been tinkered with while attending school, and since I would have done everything I was told, I would be able to select a useful person with a probability.

Seoul National University graduates choose Seoul National University again. The reason is that his junior will at least not cheat on him. It is said that when he joined NHN when he was 15, he heard such an answer to the question of why he was chosen by the NHN president.



Will you show it to your children?

These contents can be easily deceived, but it is also necessary to think about the reason why you should really study rather than saying that it is unconditionally focused on academic achievement. It won't be an easy decision, but I'll show you. After all, there is no single truth in the world, and it is not something that can be hidden by covering it up, but there are cases where you will find out about these things later and regret it.

give it a listen




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