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I was wondering if it would be fun to be able to watch music videos when I'm not using the computer, so I found youtube video screensaverwas to be used as

It's also great to look at your photos when you're not working on your computer. At home, it functions as a digital photo frame by showing the photos taken as a screensaver.

My MacBook at work doesn't have enough space, so I can't fit all the photos. So what I was thinking was if there was a way to view random pictures, not mine. The hard disk space is not very large, and if it is not my picture anyway, it would be fine to look at the pictures on the Internet.

It would be fun to see pictures of other people, strange countries, strange objects, and strangers on screensavers when not working on the computer.

What I found is a screensaver that shows flickr photos.

I couldn't find it for Windows. What I found is for Mac.


ShuffleSaver 1.2 It is a freeware program for Mac.



Download and install it, select Screensaver in System Preferences, and select ShuffleSaver from the list.

You can view photos from your own account or specific accounts on Flickr as a screensaver. If you upload photos to your Flickr account, you can view them as a screensaver.

You can also search for photos by tag and use that tag's photo as a screensaver. I tag as pictured.
You can also select photos stored in iPhoto as well as Flickr.


The effect of changing between photos is in cubic format, which is fantastically shown in keynotes on Mac. Have a look at the photos! If you want to download this, press the o key and it will be saved in the specified folder. You can also save to iPhoto.



In the current version, the photos you saw online are stored in the cache, so you can view the photos in the screensaver even offline.

When you are not using your MacBook, photos that you suddenly see on your MacBook stimulate your imagination and give you a new experience. There seems to be a lot of different kinds of photos on Flickr. It's okay to change tags from time to time or adjust the options to new or most popular photos.

Oh yeah, how to lock screen on macYou can also run the screensaver with .


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