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I'm taking table tennis lessons these days, and when I start lessons, I always start with a basic forehand swing. This is because the form is not well corrected even after several months.

People who have played with their friends for a long time at the local table tennis court, not those who started through lessons from the beginning, develop their own form and need 'correction' when they receive lessons. Of course, if it's too old, it can't be corrected and it can be a direction to correct your own form.

Seungmin Yoo


When I play tennis, I have a habit of turning the racquet once when I pull it back. When I first started playing tennis in high school, I learned it from my continental friend, my uncle and my English teacher, so I took it out right away, but I saw the chemistry teacher spin it and it seemed okay to use the rhythm to get the timing right, so when I was playing at the base line, I used to do one round, but I didn't know this. has become a habit

But, that was a fatal flaw in table tennis.
Since table tennis is played on a table, the ball moves really quickly, so useless movements are a fatal flaw in table tennis.

Recently, I found other problems besides the backswing.

When hitting forehand from the back, hit with your knees bent. Bend your knees and swing without getting up. This is really hugging.

Most of the preparation posture for exercise is the equestrian posture, and some people play table tennis in a static posture with their knees bent like the equestrian posture of Taekwondo. Whether it's ping-pong or tennis or boxing on a swing, you have to be ready to go forward.




Recognizing the problem, hearing it (though it seems like you know it), but realizing it is a huge difference!

The first ping-pong teacher said that it was really unusual and took a picture of my form with a cell phone and showed it to me, but I really didn't know it, but when I saw the video, it really was.

Then, I changed to this person because it seemed to be the form that I wanted to follow along with Mr. Penholder's no-frills form. This person also looked at my swing and made the same point. And by giving the ball variously, it makes the body realize that it is not possible to use that form, and even if you want to get better, every time you start a lesson, you start with the basic form swing.

However, instead of a practice ball that keeps coming to the same position, the ball comes here and there, or when I play a game, I do the old swinging swing again.

The first ping-pong teacher and the second ping-pong teacher still see me playing with people and tell me what I am good at and what I need to improve on, but there are a lot of overlapping points. But it's held up well.



How to change a habit?

Learning is learning to learn, that is, learning and learning are learning, and learning and learning must go together. Even if you learn from a good teacher, if you don't have time to learn by yourself, it doesn't seem like learning.

Consulting, product planning, and even individual lifestyles all find the current situation or problem and start from AS-IS, find a direction or solution for TO-BE, and practice it.

I think there is something wrong with the table tennis foam myself, but I didn't know exactly what caused it,

The lesson teacher pointed it out, I took a video of my swing form so that I could recognize it myself, and while sending the ball in various situations, he made me realize with sweat and with my body that this clunky form is fatal in a table tennis game.

However, in the same situation, I unknowingly cause problems.

The body remembers! This seems to be a habit. Once formed, it is very difficult to change.

Now that I have recognized the problem, I know the cause, I know the solution, and I practice a lot.

I keep practicing, but it doesn't seem like it's easy to change the habit that my body remembers. The rest is to practice, change your habits by learning it through repetitive practice.

In cognitive science, it is said that the difference between a beginner and an expert is that an expert does a certain series of thoughts at once in chunks, and it is so automated that they are not aware of it.

It seems to be the case with exercise. I practice ping-pong, tennis, soccer, and set play a lot, and when such a situation comes, my body moves automatically without thinking with my head.

When discovering, recognizing, finding a solution, and executing a problem, exercise is done with the body. I realize once again that I am practicing through my table tennis lessons.


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