What you want from your boss

An acquaintance said this while saying that he stayed up all night at work yesterday.

It was supposed to take three hours, but I stayed up all night because my boss was holding me.

He doesn't have the ability to do it, but he has eyes that see that he is, so he pecks only the people below.

Whether you trust the person below or you do it yourself!

The acquaintance has more than 25 years of organizational experience, and since he alternated between the head of the organization and the team member, it does not seem to be a complaint only as a subordinate.


One of the leaders I know has someone who makes a clear decision on what not to do. Although there may be dissatisfaction in terms of content from the perspective of the person or role below, it is good in terms of making decisions and taking responsibility.


The biggest job of an organizational leader or leader is to make decisions. And, of course, with that decision comes responsibility. That is, the person in charge is the head of the organization or leader.


So, leaders should do the following for their work.


1. Decide on the plan taken by subordinates or members (taking responsibility)

2. If in doubt, don't write it, or if you write it, trust it. (Good coaching)

3. If you don't like everything, you give the answer yourself.



The Leader's Role in Crisisshould do something like this


The biggest thing that subordinates want from the head of the organization is that 'the work order should be clear'. Pollthere is also Either this or that, it's just hard on each other.


Obama monitors bin Laden raid 'live'
Picture of Obama monitoring bin Laden raid 'live'


Usually, most of them are members, and some of them become leaders through promotion or selection. If you wanted to be a leader when you were a member, you forget about it when you become a leader What you want only for membersthis will get bigger I have to do a reverse massage, but it seems to happen because it often flows in only one direction.

However, this is not necessarily the case when looking at the rotation of military officers.

The army is a traditional pyramidal command system, where an officer in the army becomes a commander from staff, then a commander and then back to staff, and this is repeated over and over again. So, while repeating the roles of both a leader and a follower, it seems to be training to be able to carry out the mission no matter where you are placed. This seems to give me the opportunity to see both points of view, not just one. It's about having a chance, but not everyone gets it.

These days, companies also tend to lower the depth of their organizational structure in order to move quickly, so there is no permanent leader or rudy. Companies also become organizational leaders and members depending on the project, and a flat organization is divided into leaders and members in terms of roles rather than organizational leaders.

So, it would be good if the point of view that the followers want from the leader or the leader wants from the follower is not just dissatisfaction, but a view that supports them.


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