Breakthrough Beam Projector Cable in Conference Room

At some point, it was not possible to directly connect the VGA to the main body of the MacBook, and a separate adapter became necessary. So, to connect to the projector in the conference room, you need to carry a VGA adapter.

In the days when the battery was removable, the MacBook Pro had a built-in VGA, but as the unibody and the battery are integrated, the MacBook alone has to be squeaky clean and run the cables. It's for design.

I go to the conference room and try to connect the beam projector, but when I find out that I didn't bring an adapter, it's really annoying.

Full-scale conversion to MacBook in 2007 I'm still using a MacBook while I was doing it, but I wonder if the feeling when I first used a MacBook model that requires a separate VGA adapter wasn't like this

 “For the design of the MacBook, you, the user, should be a little uncomfortable”

“It’s only good when the MacBook is alone, and it’s ugly when connected to other devices”

“If you want to be thin, bear with this kind of inconvenience or clumsy design. How many people say they connect and write like this”


Of course, as other laptops are made thinner, the VGA port disappears, making many office workers uncomfortable.


However, one day I went to the conference room and saw something like the picture below.

I bundled up three types of adapters and tied them to the VGA cable so I couldn't take them.




Select the one that fits your laptop among 3 types of adapters that can be connected to the laptop, connect it to the laptop, and connect the VGA of the beam projector to the corresponding adapter. Of course, a laptop with a VGA port could be connected directly.


Beam Projector Cable


Usually, you are trying to make a universal one or a new adapter product that supports 3 types of one adapter, but this is just a bundle of existing adapters.

Looking at it this way, it seems like nothing, but it seems that this problem was easily solved by using an existing one to solve an inconvenient problem in a conference room. I don't know who did it, but it's really cool. Perhaps it was done in a place like the general affairs team, and I really want to praise and thank you.

Every time I see something like this, I want to meet the person who came up with this and made it.


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