Bus number display when stopped

There was a time when I ran while checking the buses to check the bus number when there were buses lined up at the bus stop.

If you saw a bus coming in, there is no problem, but if several buses came in and stopped at once, you had to go to the bus and check it. I remember thinking for a while how to solve this problem, but couldn't find a solution.

One day, while walking after getting off the bus, I saw the number of the bus standing like a sign on the front door of the bus.

Suddenly, ah! That's it! I thought

By doing this, you could check the bus number even if the bus was parked for a long time. I stopped walking and took a picture.

bus number

After standing for a moment, I noticed that when the front bus door was closed, the bus number sign automatically closed.


bus number

Thank you so much who came up with this idea.

It was a problem I had been thinking about for a while, but I wonder who solved it so easily.



Another is how it works.

I looked to see if there was a patent. I couldn't find it.

When the door of the bus is opened, a sign with the bus number appears on the side of the bus mechanically, and when the door is closed, the sign seems to be folded.


When a person has to perform two or more consecutive actions to achieve a certain purpose, the method of making the second action as the first action is an interaction design pattern named 'Hankyue' (although the name is not appropriate ^^) I made

This bus sign is not a human action, but it is interesting that the bus number sign is shown and hidden automatically by using the door opening and closing. How about naming it with a design pattern like 'natural auto'?

This car door anti-shock sponge It seems to work similar to Ford's door edge protector, which comes out when the door is opened and is hidden when the door is closed.


The planner is where the world studies. Finding and recognizing problems in everyday life and trying to solve them. Training is about recognizing a problem, finding and applying a theory, and trying to apply a solution to another problem. This usual training seems to come out when solving problems in real work.




After I posted this article, I called it a bus sign, but this is a protruding license plate.  You informed me in a comment., on Twitter @taewooke informed me.(Thank you kubok)

'Protruding license plate for bus' It is a patent of Dong-A Transportation President Im Jin-wook. I saw the article Who made Tayo BusIt is also


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