burnout syndrome

burnout syndrome

< Die smart successes that the working man never knows > (Winning Without Losing>I saw the term 'burnout syndrome' in a book.

Called a type of exhaustion syndrome, this symptom refers to lethargy due to overwork. It is as if the fuel has burned out and all that remains is the ashes, so all of your energy is wasted on your work and you fall into a state where you feel no passion for anything else.

The scary thing about this burnout syndrome is that it not only quenches the passion for work, but also proves the passion for life.

To put it simply, I get up in the morning and don't want to go to work, and then I lose interest in life and seem to become lethargic.

Burnout Syndrome was first discovered by American psychoanalyst H. Prudenberg in a patient he was treating, and it is said that it can lead to depression or overwork.



Burnout Syndrome Survey Results

It is a symptom that appears in workaholics who only work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, or people who have to suffer from labor. I was curious and looked for more.

From 2015 minutes of tracking in 60'Fatigue without a way out, burnout syndrome' was there. Here, not only office workers but also college students and even elementary school students had burnout symptoms.

In particular, these days, it seems that it is more serious because there are no business hours, and people receive business calls through smartphones and work anytime, anywhere.

Received mobile messenger calls even after work: 68%

Have returned to work after work contact: 60.3%

Missed regular vacation days this year: 91.7%


Job Korea and beyond knowledge  Results of a survey on 'Burnout Syndrome' (969 persons, duplicate responses) were found and graphed.

For the past month, the frequency of feeling that everything is annoying and lethargic was 3 times a week, and 30% of people felt it almost every day.


Frequency of _feeling_ever_ever_thing_anxiety_and helpless_everything_in the last_month_month



Looking at the moment when I feel that my passion has been exhausted, I seem to feel it more when I am outside of work than when I am working at work or working overtime.

The moment your _passion is all_exhausted_in the day.


A person loses everything if he or she misses health among various things, such as work, honor, and money. I think you need to think about how you should do your daily life.


Things that I think_important_usually_but_things_in my daily life I don't _take well_





How to overcome burnout syndrome

We looked for ways to overcome burnout syndrome.


3 recipes for getting out of burnout

MBC <Document Special - You are tired today, burnout> tells three recipes to get out of burnout.

Disconnection training 1. pause and breathe

Break training 2. look at the sky and feel the weather

Disconnection training 3. Meet and communicate with warm people


Tips for preventing burnout syndrome experienced by office workers

1. Find your own work life pleasure

2. Don't set excessive work goals

3. Have a conversation with a colleague or mentor within the company

4. Relieve stress through hobbies such as exercise



Your Own Way to Overcome Burnout Syndrome

Conducted by MJ Flex Your Own Way to Overcome Burnout SyndromeOf the 420 office workers, 34% answered that they overcome the problem by sleeping the most.

Your Own Way to Overcome Burnout Syndrome



8 Ways to Soothe Your Mind from Burnout


This is '8 Ways to Soothe the Mind Tired of Burnout' suggested by psychologist Marcus Fes.

1. Acknowledge yourself

Burnout is another word for 'I can't do this anymore'. Admit it to yourself, even if it is difficult. This is the first step.

2. Reduce work

Reduce the amount of work you are currently doing. Burnout conditions do not improve in a short period of time. Now is the time to rest and recharge.

3. Accept the situation

I am honestly accepting this situation now. First, think about what got you into burnout. The cause can be intrinsic (stress, perfectionism, etc.) and extrinsic factors (pressure to finish, overwork, etc.).

4. Understand what my needs are

I try to understand what my personal needs and feelings are. I have to learn to feel what my own needs are.

5. Pay attention to my body

Figure out what your body wants right now. It could be sleep, rest, a healthy diet, exercise, etc.

6. Make a plan

Look far and plan. After recharging, think slowly about when and how to start again.

7. Get your strength

Find out who can empower you and focus on that person. It's also good to find and focus on things that give you pleasure.

8. Set your priorities

Prioritize what will help my recovery. Keep in mind that the rest are incidental.



If you usually feel a loss of interest in doing something, or a feeling of low energy, you may have burnout syndrome. Burnout Syndrome TestYou can check it by

I did it and it came out like this: ㅠㅠ

Result Announcement: You are at Level 4.
The stage where the will to live is almost gone
Countermeasures are required. You need to rest or recharge immediately.




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