What are you aiming for?

Nodame Cantabilla, a Japanese drama that I enjoyed watching, seems to have made me understand more about classical music and the appearance of college students playing classical music. Don't just do it, do it rightThe scene impressed me.

And there are situations like this. Nodame was a piano prodigy when she was young, but she is shocked after being stabbed by a piano academy teacher who tells her not to play the piano on her own accord, but according to the score in order to go up. Nodame's purpose in playing the piano is just to like itself, but she has a certain objection to going upstairs.

There is a prominent oboe player from another school who fell in love with Nodame at first sight. This student is a friend who has won prizes in several competitions. Kung call is said to be a gateway for music students to go up.

Nodame asks this friend what 'going up' means.



“I don’t know what Megumi-chan is talking about, but I’m happy if I can make music and play well, and I wonder if it will be more enjoyable if I do better… So, isn’t it just pure enjoyment of music to aim for the top?”


'Up' seems to refer to a person who can enjoy music more as a musician, not a career such as high status or high fame.

It sounds like a goal to do better and enjoy more, although it may sound unrealistic, but I really think it was the mindset I had when I first started.

What kind of 'up' are you aiming for? How about thinking about it while watching/listening to S Orchestra's Rhapsody in Blue in a drama?


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