In the mean time, this body will not forgive

I watched the Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile over the weekend. There are 11 episodes based on the original manga, and it made me want to listen to the classics. After watching a drama, I listen to a classic from a drama every day.

In particular, I started listening to the concerto after watching the drama, but now I can only listen to it a little. Someone said that this drama caused a classic boom in Japan, and I think it's plausible.

Chiyaki, the main character in the drama, has a famous conductor, Stresman, as his mentor.

This guy is pretty bizarre, and when he first makes his apprentice to Chiyaki, and when he tells him that Chiyaki is going to Europe, he says something like:


Nodame Cantabile - In the Middle

Nodame Cantabile - This Body Does Not Forgive


"In the mean time, this body will not forgive"


When a person with ability works, I do my best so I don't even have time to wipe the shit There are people who don't do it all.

“You can barely do it! Why is this not a place where I need to work to death!” you might think.

“I have to work hard… What are you doing?”

You may think that you are more than average in the eyes of others, even if you are good at it. You may be able to do better than others, even if you are rough, but the important thing is not to do better than others, but to do what you are doing well. There are people who fly above those who run. There are people who see it.

It may be embarrassing for you to be sloppy, but what makes things go wrong in the first place may be that you aren't worth being in the organization.

working rudely. Not using 120% of one's abilities.

I think it's a matter of motivation.

It may be the samurai who did not meet the owner well. someone who knows meShould I go find it quickly? Should I send them off so they can find someone who knows them?

Let's think while listening to music or watching it.
The video below shows the S Orchestra performing/conducting Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in the drama. This song is also played last in the R☆S orchestra, but I don't know the musical difference, and I think it's better to watch S-oke for the atmosphere.



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