How to Fix WordPress Plugin Settings Error

In WordPress, the plugin is installed and works well, but when changing options and saving, there is no permission. 'You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.' A message may appear.



In my case, not all plugins have this problem, and it seems to happen when there is a setting option, so it is changed and saved.

This problem occurs because the Apache version is set to Microsoft-IIS in the case of Linux-based hosting for security reasons at the Korean hosting company. A problem that occurs because WordPress recognizes the server environment as IIS instead of Apache.It is said


If you add the source code below to wp-config.php in the WordPress installation folder, it works normally.




Even though my WordPress is the latest version 4.4.2, it seems that the problem recorded in 2009 is still occurring. It is a bit reluctant to do this for security reasons, but I think it would be good to find a fundamental solution.




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