NateOn announces the abolition of free text messages in 2005

From February 2008, 2 on NateOn, LGT and KTF subscribers receive free text messages. Reduced from 50 to 10 per monthNS.

There seems to be no objection to the fact that NateOn is not a free texting program, but the direct reason that it finally started to function as a messenger is that it is a free text message that has been continuously provided.

I am even envious of such an investment by management.

However, by chance, on December 2005, 12, ZdNet's column 'The story behind the abolition of NateOn's free text messages' was seen. There must have been a notice that NateOn free text messages will be abolished from 2006.

– NateOn’s associate membership (50 free per month) and regular membership (100 free per month) systems will be abolished.
– Only SK Telecom users are provided with 50 free text messages per month on NateOn.

From February 2008, 2, SK Telecom subscribers are said to be 1 subscribers per month and other subscribers to 100 per month, but the conditions are different.

But at that time, they said that free text messages were being abolished, and how did they come to offer them again? Anyone know anyone?

In fact, the effect of NateOn did not only affect the messenger market. It has a huge impact on Nate's news users and page views. I don't know if the news banner business is more profitable than instant messenger.

Are free text messages no longer necessary to entice you to use NateOn? Or was there another issue?

Seeing that it's overturned makes me curious


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