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I forgot to charge my Apple Watch at night and went to work without taking it in the morning.

Meeting, talking to people, walking around, I opened the iPhone in my pocket.

When I checked the schedule, there was a meeting request that I was not aware of, and looking at the time, this meeting had just ended.

When I asked the attendees, they said that they decided to ask me separately.

I was required to attend, but if it was necessary, I would have called it somehow, but this meeting was a meeting that I regretted not attending, so I decided to just follow the decision.

I will contact you somehow if necessary.

Whether the method is e-mail, meeting request, messenger, phone, or in person.

But, what I need is different.

For me, the Apple Watch is primarily a work tool that I wear during work hours.

There is a notification on the wrist indicating that there is a meeting, and it allows you to see the message on the wrist so that you do not miss the messenger message that you should not miss, and when you receive a call, it notifies you that there is an incoming call.

The iPhone vibrates in my pants pocket and sometimes I don't even notice when a call comes in, but the Apple Watch on my wrist lets me know when a call or text has arrived.

After lunchtime, guests are supposed to come from outside, but there is a case of playing table tennis during lunchtime.

At this time, I wear an Apple Watch or a Fitbit. Apple Watch is heavy, so I usually wear a Fitbit. When you receive a call, the phone rings on your wrist. The Xiaomi band rings, but there is no liquid crystal, so it has to react unconditionally.

apple watch

Of course, seeing spam calls, spam texts, and useless messengers from your wrist is annoying.

Actually I'm driving First contact accident while watching Apple Watch to check schedule I paid


The Apple Watch is worth three things to me:

1. Notifications (call, text, schedule notifications, messenger push notifications)

2. (Fashion) Watch (I didn't wear the watch thanks to my phone, but I looked at the watch on my wrist, of course)

3. A stopwatch to look at the clock while exercising (sometimes to check the elapsed time while walking or riding a bicycle)


Unlike a fitness tracker, it does not track your entire daily life, such as movement, sleep, and exercise. It's okay to bike or walk while exercising, but it's a bit heavy, so I don't wear it for other sports.

It seems to me that 90-95% of the time is used to receive notifications during work hours.

But, it is too expensive.


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