T-shaped coriander

before Why you need a corianderI've been thinking about mastering as an expert in a field.

This time, I'm not thinking about sticking as an expert in one field, but adhering in the sense of how one's field has value and realization in another.

It might be similar to the so-called T-shaped man, the +-shaped man, or the TQM (Total Quality Management) concept.

There aren't many things you can do alone in the world, and the world is so complex that you can't do everything with just one role. So, I don't know if the word T-shaped or +-shaped, which emphasizes professionalism and collaboration, has come out.

In fact, it is very difficult to become an expert in one field. So, how difficult would it be to become an expert in one field and to some extent become an expert in another field? Engineers need to know management and managers need to know technology, so it would be easy to just call such a person a 'guru'.

In the case of research, an understanding of other fields is particularly essential.

User research strategy panel discussionAs I said in , there is also research on visual design. When it comes to conducting research on visual design, the research method itself is difficult. However, if you do not know how to do visual design and do not know the principles of visual design, even though you have done research, you may come up with something that is not related to actual visual design, or something that is not necessary for visual design.

Visual design is responsible for the look and feel of a product's components. Thus, visual design functions as a visual design for a product. If you do research on visual design, research should again function as a research for visual designers.

A visual designer must know the product well and create a look and feel that matches the product. Visual design research requires a good understanding of how visual designers create the look and feel for their products so that they can decide whether a visual design will be a wall painting or a product that people can use.

The difference between heaven and earth is as great as the difference between how one's results are used, or what one has to figure out, from what they know on a superficial level and on a level where the actual different roles do the work.

The same goes for marketing research, and user research for product planning or design is the same. In many marketing fields, not knowing what the role actually does when it comes to work can just give you obvious results.

Therefore, the researcher receives education related to marketing, education on product planning, interaction design, and education on visual design. Research participates in overall management activitiesThis is the only way to properly conduct customer-centered management activities.

Can a market researcher be a product planner or marketer? Can a user researcher who used to do usability testing or field research become an interaction designer or product designer?

Even if you are an expert in research methods, those who do not fully understand other fields will not be able to do their job properly. However, those who do market research and know how to use it in marketing from the beginning have done the basics of marketing.

It is said that in general poker groups, you need to play 500 groups to know a little bit. In order for usability testing to play its own role, at least three years of rigorous training in practice is required. However, a researcher who does not know the interaction design will not give a proper result even if he does a hundred days.

In the case of marketers, product planners, and interaction designers, if the role is the basics, if you study the researcher skills hard, you will be able to show some results as a researcher in just three to five years.

Quality is one factor, but in the end, the quality of the whole is important to users and the market. You must know the ultimate purpose of what you are doing and play a role in it.

Rather than looking at the master who became that way, life is a process anyway, so it would be good to find a role model for the master in the current situation.


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