WordPress plugin to map foursquare check-in locations

I See on the map where you checked in at FoursquareThe method I found because I wanted to try it was how to display it in Google Earth. Google Earth does not support URL KML on the Google Maps web, so you have to use Google Earth.

I was just looking for a way to check on the web, and I looked for a plugin in WordPress and found it!

Flexible Map Iran WordPress plugin puts the URL of KML on the web, displays it on Google Maps, and allows you to embed it in your posts.




Here's how to do it:

1. The KML URL of my check-in place of Pokware is  https://ko.foursquare.com/feeds/  copy the address from

2. In WordPress  WP Flexible Map  Find and install

3. Put the following content on the WordPress post or page you want to display.

Just put the URL with KML in the URL in the code below.


[flexiblemap src=”URL?v=2″ width=”500″ height=”500″ ]


Then, it is displayed on the map as below, and the last 25 check-ins are shown.

[flexiblemap src=”https://feeds.foursquare.com/history/TTXYQEWH4US3K0S3T24J1OJKMFV3SPOF.kml?v=2″ width=”500″ height=”500″ ]


One of the basic things to think about when planning a service is to understand the nature of data and how that information is generated and consumed by users and tasks. It also includes how it should be displayed in order to be meaningful to the user in a given situation. 

Basically, data is first displayed in a list. Usually, it is just a text list, but when time is important, there is a time-based expression method such as time zone, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. There is also a gallery form, and there are times when it is meaningful to know on the map that an important location is displayed based on an axis, or that there is an actual location on the map among locations. 

It is necessary to understand the fundamental meaning of the data and find an appropriate expression method according to how and in what situation the user will understand it.

See my Foursquare check-in on a map And this article tried to grasp spatial information from information with time and location called Foursquare Check-in, and to experience it in terms of spatial navigation.



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