When you can't remember your Apple Watch password

I looked at my Apple Watch this morning and it was locked to try again in 60 minutes. The child set a password on the Apple Watch, forgot the password and entered it several times before being locked out.




I was looking for a way to reset my Apple Watch just in case, and I found it!

Watch OS 1.0 lacks the necessary security features to dissuade thieves For example, if you forget your password, you can reset the device without entering the password and sync it to another iCloud account on your new iPhone. Then the lost Apple Watch can be easily used by someone else.  

In the video, if you press and hold the contact button, a button to turn off the power appears.




Yesterday Watch OS 1.0.1 came out and I was wondering what to do if it didn't work... Became!


You can reset Apple Watch on iPhone without Apple Watch.

And when I connected it to the iPhone without a new installation, a backup menu appeared, and I was able to back up without a new installation.

Even if you set a password, you can use the Apple Watch with a hardware reset, so this method will be blocked later, but fortunately it was useful for me. However, the current Apple Watch seems to have made it so easy to pass the password.

A while ago, I forgot the iPhone's blocking password and was looking for a way to reset it, but I couldn't do it with a Mac, so I was looking for ways in Windows, but luckily I had success with the password I put in just in case.

Come to think of it, there doesn't seem to be any other way to forget the password of the iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you forget your password, the website sends you a way to reset it to the registered email and register a new one.

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