What do you need to know about consumers when marketing?

My blog is about planning and creating products that are useful to users, want to use, and want to use. At the same time, it also deals with marketing. Marketing is an essential part of developing products that are made and used alone, or that are intended to be commercially successful. Of course, technology cannot be left out. A short story about user experience, technology, and marketingwas briefly discussed in the panel discussion of 'Web Development Methodology and Collaboration Path', so you can refer to it.

At the Korean HCI Society held in February 2007, 'User research for user-centered product development', but because it is an HCI conference, not a marketing conference, we skipped marketing research and talked about what we need to know when planning, making, and operating products. I gave a brief explanation from the point of view of what you need to know in the process of product development, not what kind of research method there is.

I'm thinking of doing marketing, but I've done planning, consulting, research, programming, visual design, information strategy, and operation for products myself, but marketing has only done marketing research. I'm a little unsure of myself just looking at it from the side. Even if the straps are long, even if you don't try them, you'll know everything.

Instead, I want to talk about what marketers need to know about consumers when they market, rather than my thoughts, rather than talking about the book.

The book 'Why They Buy' deals with the psychology of consumers as to why people buy. In general, the theory of consumer behavior learned in business administration is divided into each consumption and purchase process. In the case of 'Psychology of consumption', the consumption and purchase process appears on the last few pages, and the rest of the consumer's purchase-related needs, motives, and behaviors are different. .


What is Marketing?

Presidential elections and the conscience of marketers In this article, I saw the essential role of marketing as about purchasing. The author of this book seems to have the same thoughts as me. We see smart marketers as motivating potential consumers to buy by teaching them their needs.

The role of marketing, the authors argue, is a bridge between what a company produces and sells and the needs, preferences and desires of consumers.


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What do marketers need to know about consumers?

Marketers play an important role in communicating with consumers. So, you need to be able to ask the right questions about what you need to know about the consumer. Being able to ask the right questions also means knowing what you need to know about your customers when marketing.

  1. needs
    What level of needs can our products best meet? Which of the horizontal needs categories can our products best satisfy?
  2. motivation
    What conscious rational motives or subconscious psychological motives can it appeal to? What are the purchase motives and which incentives are effective?
  3. 성격
    Which value bias is most favorable to our product? What interpersonal styles, interaction styles, and special personality elements are typical in the marketplace?
  4. tardy
    Does our communication fit the consumer's perception process? How to appeal to consumers' five senses and overcome obstacles that hinder their perception?
  5. learning
    What unity can we create between our products and the needs of our consumers? Can rewards improve conditioning?
  6. attitude
    What are the characteristics of each element of our attitude toward our products? What are the main functions of attitude toward our products on consumers?
  7. social role
    For what social roles does our product become props? Where is our product best suited to the consumer role adoption process?
  8. 소속
    What groups do our consumers belong to, and how does that group affect them? What reference group do our consumers need?
  9. family
    The unit of people who buy our products is an individual. Are you family? What family structures and family purchasing roles are most typical?
  10. social class
    Where do our products stand on the social hierarchy ladder? What is the social measurement mindset we are targeting and what are our main concerns?
  11. age group
    At what stage in the individual and family life cycle do our key consumers belong? What are their main needs, values, and circumstances?
  12. 선택
    What type of selection process do our customers use most often? What types and types of risks are perceived by consumers in their purchases that affect the sale of our products?


The above 12 things seem to be the things that the author considers important in marketing. These 12 are actually the main body of the book. It is difficult to understand all of the contents with only the ones listed above. You'll have to look at the books. And marketing papers deal with these 12 a lot.


window shopping

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What should marketers do to capture consumers?

Now that you know about consumers, what can marketers do to win their hearts? Now you will have to play the role of the original marketer.

Conceptually, the author talks about two main things. Segment the consumer goods market and then move toward increasing consumer acceptance while maintaining internal consistency or overall unity. marketing mix(product, price, location, promotion) should be structured.

In general, the first step in marketing is market segmentation. Usually market research does that. Segment the market, so you choose a positioning, establish a communication strategy, and plan the details of your marketing.



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This book seems to talk about individual, group, and social psychology in terms of the application of consumers who make purchases, as is always the case with consumer behavior in business administration.

We're talking about American consumers. When I looked at the cover of the original book, the subtitle was that it was about American consumers. Book titles or book covers play an important role in marketing can be seen as The story behind the social class or family gives us a glimpse of America. The story of the upper class in New York, USA is a movie 'Nancy's Diary' can also be seen.

<The Psychology of Consumption: 15 Keywords to Reading Your Code> If you're a marketer, or if you're creating a product or service to sell to consumers, I highly recommend reading it.

psychology of consumption




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