Presidential elections and the conscience of marketers

I've loved making things since I was little, so my childhood dream was to be a scientist or something. I don't want to become a scientist by knowing what a scientist is anymore. I always change the world and aim to become an engineer for the world, that is, an engineer. Engineers and engineers are the people who create tools and contents other than engineering in the general sense of numerical meaning. However, engineers often don't work well with sellers. You can usually tell by looking at the relationship between a computer programmer or electrical/electronic technician in a company and a sales person. In the case of tech sales, if you're a technician, you understand the technicians a little bit more.

Fortunately, I know a little bit about what marketing is, and I know a little about its importance. Rather than how to make it, what to make? I'm more interested in how I make money, but I can't stand the fact that I'm an engineer by nature, focusing on the packaging rather than the content. Of course, we know how important packaging is. Even when writing a thesis, how it is packaged is sometimes listed or dropped in journals. No matter how good a product is, if the user does not know it, the user cannot buy or use it.

In terms of marketing in China, I track and understand users' behavior and attitudes, find out what is important in the purchasing behavior process and decision-making, find out how they are positioned in my head, and how to communicate the value of the product. Do your research on what you should do.

I'm trying to use both marketing and HCI. Product planning and content acknowledge the two areas and find common ground. However, the original marketing did not touch the content. Of course, among the definitions of marketing masters, there is a definition such as “any activity that satisfies the needs of consumers”. Difference Between Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, and BrandingIt seems that the article about marketing makes you understand marketing intuitively. Are there many people who have studied traditional marketing to design products? Or are there many people who create advertisements, events, and publicity?

I think that the life cycle of a product is to create a product and purchase it through marketing and sales, so that users use the product to achieve people's goals, the supplier makes money, and so the product life cycle is such a virtuous cycle that makes a better product again. do. In other words, marketing plays an important role in the part of the image that is planted in the mirror while making the consumer aware of the product during the life cycle of the product and thus purchasing and using it. However, recent marketing tends to shift to products rather than traditional marketing. So HCI and stinging parts sometimes occur, Marketing Guy Keynote at HCI Conference Like CHI2006or have a related panel discussion.

However, sales are to sell refrigerators to Eskimos, and marketing is to make people want to buy them even though they had no intention of buying them, but it is not very desirable in the long term but sincerity to sell without sincerity about the product or contents.

In this election, in which there is no presidential candidate to shoot, I seem to see too much marketing that provokes purchase intention by packaging and not buying intention, not sincerity of the content. Of course, from the election of the year when President Kim Dae-jung became president, a lot of marketing began to appear in the presidential election, but this year's election does not have the content of the person or policy, only the marketing that wraps it up. Of course, since marketing is a direct communication with consumers, as a consumer, I will see more marketing activities. However, if you look at the discussion forum where you can see the content rather than the image being created by one-sided branding, I think that there is really no content.

[This is how a president is made] Presidential campaign strategist talks about marketing You can see branding the president. Marketing is a powerful way to instill an image in consumers and inspire purchase motivation, even for products that are not genuine. Thus, even an inauthentic object can be made to appear as valuable as a rotten object to a voter who pretends to be rational but is in fact irrational through a number of positioning and branding strategies and activities. This is also the power of marketing.

Like a public service announcement for a presidential election, my candidate can become president and free slaves, or lead the world war to victory. However, when deciding on a candidate, what should I do if I saw only the plausible packaging and made a decision, but when I opened the packaging, all the products were damaged? You may regret buying something based on marketing alone, but the president is so influential.

Are marketers risking their conscience and marketing a genuine product? Or are they just letting consumers buy something like a traditional marketer? Do I just have to be 5 years old before I can come to my senses? If that happens, it's the marketer's responsibility. In fact, it seems that there are factors other than marketing, but they are responsible for stimulating the purchase motivation of the voters rather than the content.


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