Using Internet Explorer (IE) Directly on Mac

When using a website on a Mac, there are sometimes pages that cannot be seen well in Firefox or Safari in the case of domestic sites. I've been working on Windows for years FirefoxThere were no major inconveniences other than bank and shopping mall payments. However, on pages such as auctions, the details related to the product may not be visible on the product content page.

The nice thing about using a MacBook is that you can use the Windows operating system using Parallels or Bootcam at this time. However, sometimes it was cumbersome to launch Parallels to check one product on an auction site.

But some time ago Internet Explorer for OSX I found a program called

Internet Explorer for Windows can run on Mac OS X.


It's hard to tell if it's Internet Explorer because the picture is small. Hmm.

Anyway, here's how to install it.

1. X11 installation (If it is not installed, you must install it from the Mac OS X installation CD)
2. Darwin install
3. Install ies4osx Select IE6 or IE7 during installation.

If you run it up to here, Hangul does not appear on the Korean site. Apple forum thread You can copy the Windows Arial font as shown below.

4. Copy Hangul font

After right-clicking the right mouse button in Internet explorer 6 (let's take an example) to view the package,
In Contents/Resources/ie6/drive_c/windows/fonts, if you copy and put gulim.ttc (located in windows/fonts) included in the window, the Korean output works well.

Just find the Internet Explorer 6.0 icon in the application folder and run it.


When I first installed it, it was the icon above, but the icon was changed in 3.0.1. It seems a lot more intuitive (!)

Korean input is not allowed. I can't even type in English, so I wrote it somewhere else and copied it for use. I didn't even have Apple + V, so I pasted it from the menu of Internet Explorer. (In 3.0.1, English input works well)

I searched for an article in Korean about this program.

There are people who say it becomes active-X, but I haven't tried it. I use Windows XP running parallels for banks and shopping malls, and ies4osx is only briefly used for sites that are not visible in Safari or Firefox. The Korean page is a little slow so you can feel the text flowing when you scroll. But it seems to be worthwhile to use for a while.


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