Google's interaction design intentionally makes it difficult to use

Interaction design is responsible for why and how to use it in product development. Therefore, ease of use, which is usually usability in a narrow sense, is one of its target properties.


Bad interaction designIt's easy to find. Of course, as you get older, you don't have to learn to contemplate. It can be a job that requires a combination of theories and experiences. Instead, it is difficult to find a good interaction design.


But being easy to use isn't always the best. There are also strategies that intentionally make users uncomfortable.

Usually, it is a case of intentionally making users uncomfortable for business purposes. If it is too uncomfortable, it will not even achieve its original business purpose. This inconvenience of not appearing immediately when a news article is clicked on the portal's home page. Coex Todai's crabs are placed on a plate three at a time so that people don't just take them, or the steaks are not grilled right away, but delivered to the table with coins.

However, there are examples of deliberately inconvenient for users, not necessarily for business purposes.

An example is when an attempt was made to access a harmful (?) site from a Google search result.

When clicking on a search result, the following page may appear. This is when you are linked to so-called harmful sites. Usually this page seems to come up when you click on an adult site or a crack site.




There is still a URL that will take you to that page. In the picture, the one I framed in orange is the URL of the page to go to. If there is a link in the URL, you can click it directly, but if there is no link, you have to copy the address and enter it into the browser to go to the site.

What I thought was deliberately inconvenient here is that I didn't put a link in the URL.

Most of the reasons that a product or service is difficult to use is because the creator be considerate of usersIt's because they don't have the heart to do it, or they don't know how to properly design an interaction. Even someone with good interaction design Balance with business purposeshould be considered. However, balancing is always difficult. Balancing with the business or making it difficult on purpose is something after doing the basics.


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