DupeGuru Search for Duplicate Image Files for Mac

As I put the image capture files all over the computer, there seemed to be a lot of duplicate images, so I needed to find and organize them.

for mac I found photo sweeper ($9.99) seems to find duplicate images based on images from some version of ACDsee on Windows. Other than that, it's open source. dupeGuruthere was I tried dupeGuru as well, so I used this to find and delete duplicate files, but it was inconvenient to see them in the list and click one by one to visually check them because I couldn't compare them with images.



You can compare the size and properties of the image, not just the EXIF, but the content. I don't know how good it is, but it seems useful.



After doing this, if the match rate is 100%, you can just delete all the duplicate files. Up to 99%, you can almost erase it except in some cases. From 98%, you can see that the image is slightly different when you press it.


If you download images here and there, there may be the same image here and there on your computer, but sometimes it would be good to find and organize duplicate images.



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